Action Alert! Call/write JBLC before Tuesday 2:30 p.m., September 22

For Arizona State Parks to reinstate and refund the Heritage Fund grants that were de-obligated (i.e., reneged) in February 2009 (1%-95% completed), the JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Committee) has to approve the Arizona State Parks fund transfers.

JLBC will meet on Tuesday, September 22 at 2:30 p.m. in House Hearing Room.  However, there is no call to the public. Heritage Fund advocates must relay this message to the Committee prior to Tuesday afternoon.

Below is the list of JLBC Committee Members with their e-mails and phone numbers.  If any of the Committee Members are your senator or representative, please call and say that you are a constituent.  If none represent your district, please e-mail all and explain why this matter is important to you as an Arizona citizen.

Here is the suggested message: “Please give a favorable review to the Arizona State Parks Board request to transfer monies between its own funds to backfill sweeps and transfer that were enacted as part of the FY2010 Budget.”

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Miano, Director of Administration, Arizona Heritage Alliance: or 602-528-7500 (office). Thank you!

Senate Member (The Honorable…)

  • Paula Aboud,, 602-926-5262
  • Amanda Aguirre,, 602-926-4139
  • Chuck Gray,, 602-926-5288
  • Jack Harper,, 602-926-4178
  • Russell Pearce,, 602-926-5760
  • Steve Pierce,, 602-926-5584
  • Rebecca Rios,, 602-926-5685
  • Jim Waring,, 602-926-4916

House Member (The Honorable…)

  • Andy Biggs,, 602-926-4371
  • Olivia Cajero Bedford,, 602-926-5835
  • Cloves C. Campbell Jr.,, 602-926-3042
  • Dr. Matt Heinz,, 602-926-3424
  • John Kavanagh, Chair,, 602-926-5170
  • John McComish,, 602-926-5898
  • Rick Murphy,, 602-926-3255
  • Vic Williams,, 602-926-5839

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