Center for the Future of Arizona/Arizona Voter’s Agenda

With all statewide offices and the entire legislature on the ballot, Arizona’s 2022 midterm elections will set the course for the future of Arizona. To elect leaders aligned to their priorities, Arizonans deserve the opportunity to decide who to vote for based on knowing where candidates stand on the issues they deem most important to the state’s future.

What do Arizona voters want candidates to discuss as they compete for votes in this election that is consequential to Arizona’s future?

This is what Center for the Future of Arizona asked Arizona’s likely voters in an effort to center the narrative of the election on the voices of Arizonans, what matters most to them and where we have common ground to move the state forward.

The Arizona Voters’ Agenda was developed from new survey research of Republican, Democratic, and independent/unaffiliated voters of all ages. The Agenda includes what a majority of likely voters say are the critical issues facing the state and makes clear that they want to hear candidates’ positions and plans when considering whom they will support with their vote. The results counter the narrative of division and polarization that dominates political dialogue.

The Arizona Voters’ Agenda illuminates “big questions” for candidates. We encourage debate moderators, members of the press, citizens, and local voters use these questions to foster productive dialogue and seek out real answers.