Viewpoint: Shame on us for not protesting sooner and louder

[Source: Ellen Vojnic, Campe Verde Bugle] — Once again I am reading about the legislature robbing the money allocated to the State Parks system.  A large portion of that money comes from voter-approved measures to support our state treasures.  How can the elected representatives decide to just take that money for other purposes without putting the matter back before voters?

As stated in the commentary this week, much of our tourism dollars come from folks coming to Arizona to visit our State Parks.  We have many very fine parks throughout our state including several right here in the Verde Valley area.

Jerome State Park has been closed for a few months now and not only did the closing not make sense, no money has been saved because the employees were just moved to another park.  Lights are still on at night as usual, just NO revenue coming in.  How do we continue to elect people (state and federal level) who seem to have their own agenda (or special interest group) at heart and not what is best for Arizona as a whole.  No one wants to see people laid off their jobs, but the state government is the largest employer in our state.

Probably the same can be said for the federal government, also.  Labor is always the highest cost and the first place you look when trying to save money in a business.  Most other expenses are not negotiable.  Not only are the State Parks being cut, so has the State Historic Archives been cut off.  What a shame!  Shame on us all for not protesting sooner and louder!

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