Remember the Legislature’s shameful decision to cut Lottery funds for parks

[Source: Barbra Barnes, Phoenix, Arizona Republic Opinion] – Regarding “State is biggest lottery winner” (Republic, Dec. 1):

The important article about the Arizona Lottery didn’t talk about the tragedy that befell Arizona State Parks in March 2010. A state budget was approved that summarily removed $10 million from the Heritage Fund — permanently.

As stated, in 1990 voters required that $20 million a year in Lottery revenue go to heritage funds for Arizona State Parks and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, money to be paid before the general fund landed its share. Game and Fish has received allocations, but since 2010, there is nothing for state parks.

Considering that Arizona State Parks already was underfunded, it seems particularly outrageous that this important state treasure, which encompasses historic preservation and environmental education within its purview, should be so deliberately excluded from benefiting from our Lottery. The public should be reminded of this injustice.

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