Saving state parks is business of all (Arizona Republic letter to the editor)

[Source: Suzanne Pfister, Phoenix] — Kudos to The Arizona Republic for highlighting the plight of our wonderful state parks (“State-park cash crunch threatens links to past,” Sunday).  As a former Arizona State Parks Board member, I was lucky enough to see the parks firsthand and meet the wonderful staff and volunteers who keep our state treasures alive and protected.  But all their hard work and their generous spirit cannot make up for the years of limited state support.  We are at risk of seeing these places crumble — such as the Tombstone Courthouse and the Douglas Mansion in Jerome — and some of our special areas for conservation put at risk.

I would encourage everyone who cares about our open spaces and our terrific state parks to visit the Arizona State Parks Foundation website and sign up to get more information about the state budget.  You can lend your voice and your support to make sure we get the kind of financial support from the state that we need.  Even in times of fiscal constraint, it is important to maintain our historical places and protect the natural areas we hold so dear.  Your input can make a difference, but it is up to all of us to act.