Heritage Alliance Elects New Board & Officers

At its December 5, 2014 board meeting at the Flinn Foundation office in Phoenix, the Arizona Heritage Alliance board of directors elected a new slate of board members and officers. Returning to the board for three-year terms are:

  • Bonnie Bariola, Florence
  • Margaret Bohannan, Scottsdale
  • The Honorable Sam Campana, Scottsdale
  • Peter Culp, Sedona
  • Don Farmer, Scottsdale
  • James Holway, Phoenix
  • Jennifer Martin​,​ Phoenix
  • Kathleen Roediger, Phoenix
  • William Thornton, Tucson
  • Elizabeth Woodin, Tucson
  • Tom Woods, Phoenix

Larry Weigel of Tucson was elected as a new board member. David C. Bartlett of Tucson chose to leave the board after five terms​. Beth Woodin, on behalf of the full board, thanked David for his 15 years of service on the board.

The board then elected the following officers for 2015:

  • President – Elizabeth Woodin, Tucson
  • Vice President – Jim McPherson, Phoenix
  • Secretary – Bonnie Bariola, Florence
  • Treasurer – William Thornton, Tucson

Board members also thanked Janice Miano for her work on behalf of the board.

Commentary: Please Vote NO on Prop 105

[Commentary by Tom Woods, Phoenix, Arizona Heritage Alliance Board Member] – – Please Vote NO on Prop 105: I was heavily involved in the Heritage Fund Initiative that passed by a 3-2 margin by the voters in 1990 – it was the only initiative or referendum that passed that year out of 12 total!

If the so-called “Majority Rules” amendment, Prop 105, was in existence in 1990, the Heritage Fund would not be in here today. Since the Fund’s inception, over $318 million have been raised for the support of wildlife, parks, habitat, historic properties and educational programs in our schools. There could not be a more worthwhile cause and I am proud of that.

Proposition 105 says that if a ballot initiative “establishes, imposes or raises a tax, fee, or other revenue, or mandates a spending obligation …” it must be approved by a “majority of qualified electors registered to vote.” Not a majority of people who actually vote, but a majority of those who are registered to vote! In other words, all of those men and women who don’t show up to the polls or don’t file early ballots will be counted as “no” votes. Prop 105 is designed to diminish our right to vote. That’s not just unfair. It’s just plain wrong!

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Heritage Alliance has voted to join in with the Voters of Arizona. This is a political campaign committee composed of individuals and organizations opposed to this folly. Please visit http://thevotersofaz.com for more information. As a founding member of the Arizona Heritage Alliance and former Arizona Game & Fish Commissioner, I urge you to vote “no” on Prop 105.