Community shows support for proposed Fredonia High School Swim Team

[Source: Southern Utah News, Kelly Hilding] – The Fredonia Town Council held a work meeting last week to discuss Fredonia High School’s request to use the town pool for a swim team. Community members from Kanab and Fredonia filled the council chambers to show their support of the proposal.

Fredonia Moccasin School District Superintendent Nicholas Bartlett presented the proposal to the council. He explained he had discussed with Killer Whales coach John Horlacher what would need to be done for the high school to have a swim team. It was determined it would not be feasible for a team to travel to Hurricane for practices. Ideally, the Fredonia pool should be utilized. In order for it to be used, however, a covering of some kind would need to be placed over the facility to keep it warm through November.

The school district offered to purchase and install some sort of dome over the Fredonia pool if the council agreed to keep the facility open for the team to practice. The type of dome is currently being researched. Mayor Scott Heaton expressed his support for the idea, but also his concern for where the funding to keep the pool open would come from [to read the full article click here].