Accomplishments of the Arizona Heritage Alliance 2004-2007

  • We are always expanding outreach through increased public event participation such as the Arizona Open Space Conference; the Arizona Parks and Recreation Conference: the Arizona Highways Travel Show; the Arizona Preservation Foundation Conference; Valley Forward’s Earthfest Educator’s Night; Sunland Village East Discover Arizona Event; and the Environmental Legislative Day at the State Capitol.
  • We met and exceeded a fundraising challenge grant in 2005, 2006, and 2007.
  • We held special meetings with the leadership of three Arizona communities, Coolidge, Florence and Camp Verde, recipients of millions of dollars of Heritage Fund grants.
  • In 2004, we developed a partnership with the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association and still work with them to promote the importance of the State Parks Heritage Fund.
  • In 2005, we presented Governor Janet Napolitano with our The Heritage Guardian Award for her veto of SB1067 appropriation which would have removed $1.6 million from the Arizona Game and Fish Fund.
  • In November 2006, we celebrated the 17th birthday of the Arizona Heritage Fund with a walking tour of historic downtown Florence and luncheon at McFarland State Park. Guests included representatives from Arizona Game & Fish Commission and staff; representatives from the Arizona Lottery, Arizona State Parks, as well as elected officials from Pinal County and the Town of Florence.
  • In August 2007, the Arizona Heritage Alliance put together a “Call To Action”. Seventy-four people attended this workshop representing over twenty agencies, cities, regional governments, organizations, and individuals.

Goals of the Arizona Heritage Alliance


1) Increase public awareness of the purpose, benefits, and opportunities of the Arizona Heritage Fund:

  • Compile and disseminate e-newsletter to all internal and external key publics, including members, state legislators and staff, city officials, county officials, affiliate organizations, and interested citizens
  • Maintain and update database of internal and external key decision makers
  • Communicate updates in e-newsletter
  • Participate in key statewide conferences
  • Hold public education workshops
  • Organize speakers bureau of volunteer board members, communicate availability, and schedule speaking engagements
  • Produce and secure placement of positive public service announcement.


2) Protect the integrity and existing funding levels of the Arizona Heritage Fund

  • Develop informational packet
  • Meet with targeted legislators and executive branch representatives to establish rapport and support; distribute informational packet
  • Keep current on proposed legislation; analyze and respond to proposed legislation
  • Broadcast “Action Alerts”


3) Update the Arizona Heritage Fund to reflect anticipated future funding needs and programs

  • Develop and implement comprehensive communications, marketing, and coalition-building plan
  • Meet with representatives of the Arizona Heritage Fund Coalition to discuss existing and anticipated funding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and recommendations; and to gain support for any fund-raising campaign
  • Update statewide poll to determine baseline support for future Arizona Heritage Fund needs and programs
  • Secure representation on any organization, coalition, or effort that may impact future Arizona Heritage Fund needs and programs