VIDEO: Grady Gammage Jr.: ‘So, what’s the deal with Arizona?’

“So, what’s the deal with Arizona?” We’ve all been asked that question, given the non-stop twists and turns of this 48th state in recent years that have left many observers around the nation scratching their head. Senior Fellow Grady Gammage Jr. offered his unique take on this question at last week’s State of Our State Conference, hosted by Morrison Institute for Public Policy. His remarks were meet with a standing ovation. We invite your to enjoy video of Gammage’s keynote speech. And in future weeks, other presentations and panels from the half-day conference will be posted on the Morrison Institute website, including: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Phoenix Mayor-elect Greg Stanton; Mesa Mayor Scott Smith; Austin, Texas, high-tech economic leader Pike Powers; ASU economist Dennis Hoffman; and many others.

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