Suvoyuki Day, Hopi culture events begin Saturday at Homolovi State Park

[Source: Navajo-Hopi Observer]

Suvoyuki Day has been set to start on Saturday. The event will be a celebration of Hopi culture and the archaeology of Homolovi State Park even though the park, like many Arizona state parks has been closed because of the lack of funding. The event will also be held in part at the Winslow Chamber of Commerce located in the historic Hubbell Trading Post Building at 523 West Second Street in Winslow.

Suvoyuki is a Hopi word meaning “joint effort.” The celebration will be in two parts, one in and near Winslow at the Hubbell Trading Post/Chamber of Commerce and Homolovi State Park and the other on the Hopi Reservation at Second Mesa.

Tours of Homolovi State Park will be conducted by archaeologist Rich Lange and will originate at the Hubbell Trading Post/Winslow Chamber of Commerce Building at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. The Hubbell Trading Post/Winslow Chamber of Commerce Building contains many exhibits worth seeing for tourists who have not been there recently. This building was the home of one of the oldest trading posts in the Southwest and was the home of the largest Navajo rug known to exist.

There will be a second day of the Hopi Culture celebration on Sunday at Second Mesa. Plans for this event have not been announced but last year there was a race early in the morning at Second Mesa followed by tours of the mesa, displays of art by Hopi artists and traditional food. There are charges for this part of the celebration but details regarding charges and events are not yet known.

Persons wishing to attend the Suvoyuki Day events are advised to use their own vehicles for the tour of Homolovi State Park. It should be noted that the tour will be accessible by wheelchair.

As Homolovi State Park is officially closed, attendees are to be aware that they may visit the park only during the tours and must not stray from their group.

Anyone seeking more information is encouraged to call the Winslow Chamber of Commerce at (928) 289-2434 for more details. It is possible that more may be learned of the Second Mesa part of the celebration on Sunday may also be learned.

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