Governor Brewer signs budget that eliminates programs, including Heritage Fund

[Source: Sarah Buduson, KPHO TV] — The Arizona package of budget bills signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on March 18 permanently eliminates more than half a dozen state programs, including a program for uninsured children and a state parks preservation fund.

KidsCare is a program that provides health insurance for children of the working poor.  Under the new budget, the program has been eliminated and the 38,000 children who are currently enrolled will no longer have health insurance, according to Monica Coury, Intergovernmental Relations Assistant Director for AHCCCS.  “Our concern is that would mean more emergency room visits in hospitals and things that might have otherwise been avoided with routine medical care,” she said.  Coury also said eliminating KidsCare means Arizona will be the only state in the country that does not have a program for uninsured children.

The FY10-11 Arizona budget also eliminates the state parks’ share of the Heritage Fund. The voter initiated fund used money from the state lottery to preserve parks, trails and historical sites as well as build ballparks and soccer fields, according to Janice Miano, a member of the Arizona Heritage Alliance, a group that fought to preserve the fund.  “All the things that make Arizona a unique place — where people want to visit and to live — it’s gone,” she said.  [Note: To read he full article and view the video, click here.]

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  1. Our Governor and all the Legislators who voted to misappropriate the Heritage Fund and other voter mandated funds must be voted out. An investigation should be made to determine if they have violated the State Constitution and, if so, whatever legal remedies appropriate should be taken to correct the damage they have done. Their arrogance is unbelievable. They are not true Republicans. They have gone off the edge of honesty and old time Republican ideals.

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