Viewpoint: Arizona State Parks is a system on the verge of closure

[Source: Arizona State Parks Foundation, Florence Reminder] — In the face of Arizona’s sprawling growth and development, thirty exceptional places have been set aside over the past half century for the recreational, environmental and cultural enjoyment of Arizonans and all who visit our state.  The places are the lakes, rivers, historic buildings and ecologically-rich natural areas that constitute Arizona State Parks — a collection of wonder-provoking sites that the Arizona State Parks Foundation (ASPF) seeks to preserve, promote and enhance.  As a nonprofit organization, ASPF offers the foremost way for parks patrons, visitors and friends to support and strengthen Arizona State Parks.

Without the Legislature’s help in securing immediate additional revenues for Arizona State Parks, the current FY10 budget will force closure of virtually all state parks, shutting a system that serves more than two million visitors annually, while depriving local communities of some $266 million a year in parks-related income.  [Note: To read the full story, click here]

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