Letter to Chairman Russ Jones, House Agriculture & Water Committee, from Mayor Vicki Kilvinger, Mayor of Florence

February 8, 2012

Honorable Russ Jones, Chair, Agriculture and Water Committee
Arizona House of Representatives
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ  85007

Dear Representative Jones:

SUBJECT:       HCR 2047 –  State Parks Heritage Fund, Restoration

As Mayor of the Town of Florence, I support the passage of HCR2047 State Parks Fund, Restoration in order to let the citizens of the state vote to reinstate the $10 million dollars and the statute which will reinstate the Heritage Fund.

The final passage of the Heritage Fund would establish a program that would not only create many jobs in this difficult economy but also help save our historic properties, build parks, and help to create a better quality of life for our residents.

As a Rural Community, Florence has been able to rehabilitate many of its adobe buildings utilizing Heritage Funds.  From the Heritage Fund’s beginning in 1991 through 2006, Florence received a total of 18 grants totaling $1,541,233 which was matched by the same amount for a total of over $3 million dollars.   This created construction jobs and with the reinstatement of the Heritage Fund, Florence can once again create more jobs and continue restoring historic properties.

Thank you for your support on this issue.

Vicki Kilvinger, Mayor