Arizona State Parks Board votes to reinstate Heritage Grants, but legislature’s OK still needed

[Source: Bonnie Bariola, Florence Reminder] — The Heritage Fund was established through voter initiative in 1990.  The approval of this initiative allows up to ten million dollars each year from the Arizona Lottery to be allocated to Arizona State Parks for the following uses.

  • State Parks Acquisition and Development (17%): Up to $1.7 million annually
  • State Parks Natural Areas Acquisition (17%): Up to $1.7 million annually
  • State Parks Natural Areas Operation and Management (4%): Up to $400,00 annually
  • Environmental Education (5%): Up to $500,000 annually
  • Trails (5%): Up to $500,000 annually
  • Local, Regional and State Parks (35%): Up to $3.5 million annually
  • Historic Preservation (17%): Up to $1.7 million annually

In January 2009 due to state budget cuts, the Arizona State Parks Board voted to suspend all existing Heritage Fund Grants.  As a result 28 Historic Preservation Grants, 10 Local, Regional and State Parks Grants, and 10 Trails Grants that were one to 90 percent complete were suspended.  These 48 grants totaled $6,049,024.  Eleven grants that were 91-99 percent complete were allowed to continue. [Note: To read the full article, click here]

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