2022/2023 Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund Grant Awardees

On June 30, 2022 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed the state budget for Fiscal Year 2023, including $2.5 million to fund the Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund. Through a matching grant process developed by the Arizona State Parks Board in consultation with staff of Arizona State Parks & Trails and the State Historic Preservation Office the monies in the State Parks Heritage Fund have been (and continue to be) allocated as follows: 50% ($1.25 million) on local, regional, and state parks for outdoor recreation and open space development, restoration, or renovation; 30% ($750,000) on local, regional, and state historic preservation projects; 10% ($250,000) on local, regional, and state non-motorized trails; and 10% ($250,000) on outdoor/environmental education.

Over the last couple months, the Arizona State Parks Board has approved a number of Heritage Grants grants for projects in the four categories. Click here to downloand the current listing (as of 1.3.2023) of the 2022/2023 State Parks Heritage Fund Awardees.


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