60th Anniversary of Arizona State Parks- Please Help Protect Our Park System

Source:  Sierra Club – Grand Canyon Chapter, February, 2017

Oppose Repeal of State Parks Board! Vote NO on HB2369. 

Please vote NO on.  HB2369 repeal; state boards and committees 

This bill includes a provision to repeal the Arizona State Parks Board.  Although there are certainly boards and commissions that are no longer necessary and that do not meet, the Arizona State Parks Board is not one of them.  This is a political move to concentrate more power in the Governor’s office and to eliminate the public from engagement and from having a say relative to our state parks.  It is an especially offensive move in this 60th anniversary year of our State Parks system.

The State Parks Board is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, including recreation, tourism, and livestock, as well as the general public.

The State Parks Board’s purpose is to “select, acquire, preserve, establish, and maintain areas of natural img8019682features, scenic beauty, historical, and scientific interest, and zoos and botanical gardens, for the education, pleasure, recreation, and health of the people. . . .” Elimination of the State Parks Board will mean less transparency, fewer opportunities for public engagement on a broad level, and one less entity to advocate for a parks system badly in need of more advocates.

Arizona State Parks’ system consists of 27 parks and three natural areas and includes places such as Homolovi Ruins, Tubac Presidio, Lost Dutchman, Kartchner Caverns, and many others.  These 30 exceptional places have been conserved over the past half century for the recreational, environmental, and cultural enjoyment of all Arizonans. They represent our history and our future. We must be good stewards of these amazing resources. The Arizona State Parks Board helps us do that.

Please do not eliminate this important board.

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