Yavapai County to consider assisting Jerome State Historic Park

[Source: Prescott Daily Courier, Linda Stein 7-31-2010]


The board will also consider an intergovernmental agreement that could lead to reopening of Jerome State Historic Park this fall. Under the pact, the county would pay $30,000 to the Arizona State Parks Board to run the park, a mining museum in the 100-year-old Douglas Mansion. A separate agreement would allow the Jerome Historical Society operate the gift shop and the visitor contact desk.

Previously, county officials inked agreements to keep Fort Verde State Park and Red Rock State Park open by contributing $30,000 to each and marshaling volunteers. State officials targeted the parks for closure because of state budget cuts. The parks generate $266 million for rural Arizona and attract about 2.3 million visitors annually.


Here is a video (unrelated to the article) on Jerome State Historic Park.  It was produced by KAET-TV Eight PBS:

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Yavapai County, Camp Verde officials work to keep state parks open

[Source: Daily Courier, Joanna Doddler Nellans, 1-17-2010] — Some state parks in Yavapai County are set to close after the Arizona State Parks Board took drastic budget cutting measures Friday.  The Parks Board gave at least one state park in Yavapai County, Fort Verde, a temporary reprieve.

The Arizona Legislature has cut 61 percent of the State Parks budget since July in its ongoing effort to balance the state budget.  State Parks officials say their parks pump $266 million into rural Arizona economies by attracting 2.3 million visitors annually and producing 3,000 leisure jobs.  That includes $36.6 million for Yavapai County’s economy and 494 jobs here, according to a State Parks study.

Yavapai County Supervisor Chip Davis hopes to prevent the closure of at least one state park in this county, and even reopen another park that has been closed for months.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]