State historian urges Arizonans to rally for state parks

[Source: Bob Boze, True West, 1-28-2010] — Yesterday we met with Marshall Trimble here at the True West offices about doing something regarding the state of Arizona closing numerous parks, including the Tombstone Courthouse.  Here is what Marshall came up with:

ARIZONA HERITAGE FUND AND STATE PARKS. Everyone knows these are tough times and I don’t know anybody who hasn’t been hurt by it, but do we have to sacrifice our heritage and crown jewels?

I call on people everywhere to rally around the cause.  Let Arizona be the focal point.  I say this not because I’m an Arizonan.  To paraphrase my idol Will Rogers, “I never met a state I didn’t like,” but Arizona is unique.  The Spanish called it the “Northern Mystery.”  When the Army of the West crossed in the 1840s they were accompanied by scientists who made the first studies of the geology, flora, and fauna.  The scientific community in America and the Europe waited anxiously to see their reports.  Today, the biotic life in Arizona is the most diverse in the United States and scientists still come from afar to study here. [Note: To read the full blog entry, click here.]