League of Arizona Cities & Towns Adopts Parks Resolution

At the 2011 League of Arizona Cities and Towns in Tucson, the Resolutions Committee adopted a State Parks Resolution submitted by: City of Sedona, Town of Payson, Town of Clarkdale, Town of Prescott Valley, City of Kingman, City of Cottonwood, City of Bullhead City, Town of Jerome and Town of Camp Verde.

 The Resolutions are the foundation of the League’s Municipal Policy Statement, which guides the League’s legislative agenda. Go to: Resolution#3.

Bullhead City gets grant money back from state

[Source: Mohave Daily News 10-30-2009] – The city of Bullhead City was again awarded grant money that had been pulled by the state, freezing park improvement projects. On Oct. 28, 2008, the city was awarded $621,814 from the Heritage Fund Grant for soccer field improvements in Rotary Park. Earlier this year, however, the grant was taken away due to state revenue shortages.

On Aug. 3, Karla Brady, parks, recreation & community services director, and Rob LaFontaine, city administrative analyst/intergovernmental relations, attended a State Parks board meeting and lobbied to get the money back. “That money will now allow us to complete our soccer facilities. These facilities not only serve our soccer players, but they also draw tournaments that bring teams and families to our community and help boost our economy,” said Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim.

Soccer field improvements include concession building, restrooms, access roads, parking areas, other miscellaneous amenities and, if funding permits, additional field lighting.

Arizona Legislature’s funding sweep could doom Bullhead City parks projects

Rotary Park, Bullhead City

[Source: Neil Young, Mohave Daily News] — The city of Bullhead City could be left holding the bag if the state of Arizona pulls grant funding from a park improvement project already under way.  In scrambling to close a $1.6 billion budget deficit, state legislators are “sweeping” dollars from various funds, including the State Lake Improvement Funds (SLIF) and the Local, Regional and State Parks (LRSP) Heritage Fund.  Bullhead City relies heavily on grant funding for its park improvements.  “What Arizona State Parks (Department) told me,” said Karla Brady, Bullhead City’s interim parks, recreation and community services director, “the state is coming in and as of Feb. 28, taking… funding and that included already-awarded grants, which was unexpected.”

Several Bullhead City park projects would be affected, Brady said.  State Parks officials told her “only expenses incurred through Feb. 1 would be reimbursable.  I could request reimbursement within the next week or two, but basically, no more work could be done under a grant project.”

The Rotary Park north beach renovation project already is in progress. Work is being performed by Larry D. Builders, which was awarded a $454,000 contract.  “It could leave us with a liability of $224,000 in SLIF funding that we would not be able to get,” Brady said.  Finding that much money is next to impossible; Bullhead City has instituted job freezes and laid off employees due to lack of funds.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]