Arizona’s GOP lawmakers reject voluntary parks’ funding

[Source: Linda Valdez, azcentral Opinions] – Legislature to Arizona state parks: Take a hike.

Lawmakers gutted funding for Arizona parks during the recession. Times were hard. You might say they had no choice.

Today, they had a choice. And they rejected a park near you.

This morning, the GOP-controlled Senate voted down an amendment by Democratic Sen. Lynne Pancrazi to create an easy, voluntary way for Arizonans to boost parks’ funding.

Her plan would have allowed people to make a donation to state parks and roads at the same time they register their vehicles. Simple.

In rising to oppose the idea, Senate President Andy Biggs wondered “what else will we fund this way?”

Gee. I don’t know. The list would include a lot of other things our short-sighted Republican lawmakers decide not to fund – despite public support.

Pancrazi’s amendment might not be the ideal way to fund state parks. But it beats starving some of the most popular outdoor spaces in a state long known for its beauty.