Viewpoint: Arizona’s state parks eyed by panel

[Source: Editorial Board, Tucson Citizen] — A task force will review our state parks system and its challenges, after several parks were temporarily closed.  We’re glad that Gov. Jan Brewer is assembling the panel, particularly if it can quantify the backlog of parks maintenance and rehabilitation needs.

Some of the prettiest state parks anywhere are in Arizona.  And though the current recession precludes plans for improvements anytime soon, all Arizonans would benefit from better caretaking of our prized state spots once the recession has passed and a more prosperous era returns.  Arizona parks, alas, have suffered a fate similar to that of national parks: too little money for maintenance, programs, and staff.  Unless the parks are well-funded, they can’t bring in funds — a Catch-22 that should be unsnarled when money permits.  Until then, we’re glad Brewer’s panel will assemble the data needed so that once funds become available, parks can be rehabilitated anew.