Action Alert! Voter-approved Arizona Heritage Fund threatened (once again)

[Source: Arizona Heritage Alliance] — You are aware the Arizona State Legislature is in the process of resolving a $1.5 billion dollar budget shortfall for the remainder of fiscal year 2009 and a $3.5 billion dollar shortfall for 2010.

We realize all state agencies are being hit hard, but the impact on Arizona State Parks will be crippling and ALL of the State Parks administered state-funded grant programs have been discontinued until further notice – this includes Heritage Fund grants.

All work on State Parks Heritage Fund grant projects has been stopped effective February 1, 2009.  Until we hear otherwise, Heritage Fund grants that were awarded last year and have started construction or reconstruction are to CEASE.

This is not the first time the legislature has tried to raid Heritage Funds from Arizona State Parks.  Thanks to you and thousands of other Arizonans who contacted their legislators in the past, we were able to stave off 30+ such raids. But this time they did it under the guise of balancing the budget deficit that no one had the chance to make them stop and think about the consequences.

As a result, the State Parks Board is left to deal with the mess handed to them. The State Parks Board has until February 20 to figure it out.  Will the Parks Board close eight state parks for good, or close all state parks a few days a week?  Whatever they choose, the impact on Arizona State Parks will be devastating.  

Governor Jan Brewer signed this budget.  We urge you to call or e-mail Governor Brewer and ask her to review the options for the State Parks budget and tell her not to sweep Heritage Fund dollars! Arizona’s 27 State Parks welcome 2.3 million visitors each year. They are our past, present, and future. We need to embrace them, and be good stewards.

What can you do?

  • Voice your opinion to Governor Brewer at: 602-542-1318, toll free 1-800-253-0883, or e-mail
  • Visit and bookmark the Arizona Heritage Alliance website
  • Sign onto our “Dear Legislator” letter
  • Forward this Action Alert to like-minded friends, family members, and colleagues

As always, thank you for your support of Arizona’s heritage. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact us.