The Foundation of Change

[Source: Nan Aron, The Nation] – – The national economic crisis and election of Barack Obama create opportunities for progress not seen in decades–but will advocacy groups and foundations seize the moment?  President-elect Obama’s election can lead to bold new approaches that put the public interest first. From what we can see in Washington and beyond the Beltway, advocates from all corners of our nation are moving quickly to address concerns that have mounted during the past eight years. The progress they seek, however, will happen only if an engaged base of committed nonprofits and philanthropists push now and pressure decision-makers from the outside.

Already, corporate special interests are spending exorbitant amounts to influence lawmakers and protect their bottom lines. Ultraconservative groups are raising millions of dollars to block progressive goals. Some lawmakers have vowed to filibuster progressive nominees to the executive and judicial branches. [Note: to read the full article click here.]